About Me

I’m a mother, fiance, writer and budding entrepreneur.

I’ve been expressing myself through writing since I was eleven. I still remember receiving my first journal and feeling so giddy and honored. I haven’t put down a pencil sense. I write about everything, my happiness, my sorrow, and as of lately my confusion. Somewhere around 23 life tossed me in a blender that gets turned off and on as soon as I even think about getting comfortable.

So in other words, NOTHING making sense right now.

I’ve worked hard to put my myself in a position where the answers are clear and visible and my days predictable. But the universe has its ways of forcing you to relinquish control and trust in something other than yourself.

I’ve realized that most of my days hold lessons. From the easiest Saturday to the most complicated Monday. They all encompass some sort of take away and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t document them. Thus The Lovely Lessons was born.

My days are currently spent taking care of my daughter, decoding my anxious, creative thoughts and energy, working on projects and writing for hire.  On my worst days, I  feel like I’m literally at war with the times fighting for freedom and success. On my good days, the chores are done, my coffee tastes perfect, a quote has given me an epiphany, and I’ve come up with another idea that brings sunbeams to my soul.