5 Reasons to Create a Self-Care Routine

Hey, ladies and possible gents! I apologize for not posting last week. These past two weeks have been an array of emotions and frustrations for me because as you know… life can have a brutal way of REALLY taking it there. The constant hindrances and fighting my own brain caused me to step my self-care game up to the max because I desperately needed relief and time to recollect.  I already have a self-care routine that usually keeps me refreshed and de-stressed (that rhymes ha) but sometimes it’s necessary to go above and beyond for yourself. And it doesn’t have to cost a dime. I know there are women right now that don’t do anything outside of the normal washing, brushing your teeth, doing your hair, etc. How do I know? Because I use to be one of them. It was that time in my life that I really needed self-care the most. My definition of self-care is, “giving yourself small gestures of love and appreciation that eventually create a big and positive difference in your self-worth and esteem”. So now that you understand what a self-care routine will do for you, here are five reasons you should adopt one and thank me later.

Relieve Stress

An excellent self-care routine will allow stress to melt right off of you. Most people who practice intentional self-care have realized that it pays to use it for prevention and the cure. Morning self-care that may include writing in your journal before work, or a nice hot cup of coffee in a beautiful mug; really whatever makes you feel warm inside, can set the tone for your day, which in turn creates a space where your little cozy positivity bubble can’t be penetrated with toxic people and situations. Likewise, self-care at night can help you sleep better, relieve stress from a hard day, and put you in a good mindset about tomorrow.

Relieve Anxiety

Adopting a self-care routine for your anxiety is one of the best things you can do. We suffer from anxiety when we focus on the future and sometimes the past. But an appropriate self-care routine can collect your thoughts and force you to focus on the present moment. All this hoopla and recent fascination with yoga, and meditation are not a game yall! These practices really work!  But there is more than just yoga and meditation, I enjoy writing, reading, stretching and facials. For you, anything you enjoy that causes you to focus on the here and now is solid.

Reveals Yourself to You

So, let’s say that you are feeling lost and totally out of touch with yourself. Which is understandable because most women are who have left or are in unhealthy relationships. A self-care routine will remind you of who you are and create a new you as well. You might be saying to yourself, “What am I supposed to do?”, Well, you can start by doing the things you enjoyed before you were tainted. Maybe coloring (They make adult coloring books which are amazing), reading, singing, nature? You really must try different things to see if it will stick. If you are doing it right, your self-care routine should unmask unhealthy thought processes, show you what you need to work on, give you aha-moments, make you feel accomplished and just…damn good.

No One Can Take This Away from You

My favorite thing about my self-care routine is the fact that I can do it wherever I go. Most pieces of my self- care don’t cost any money so I can literally pull out a pen and a paper in the midst of chaos, or take a hot shower whenever I’m at a family or friends home. I can stretch before an interview, or steam my face with coconut oil wherever there is a bathroom. This is especially necessary if you are dealing with a control freak on the regular; this is something even they can’t touch. No one can take this away from you. It’s all yours honey.

It Builds Your Self-Worth and Esteem

When you adopt a self-care routine you are relearning how to care for yourself. With each bubble bath or morning walk in the park you are taking a stance that says, “I choose me”, “I choose to care for my wellness and mental health”. It can actually be quite liberating, and that energy you have begun to put out is slowly and surely bringing everything to you that supports that statement and eliminating everything that doesn’t.

I really want you all to do this if you have not already. If you are, step it up a notch and add in something new. At one point I was doing “No Meat Mondays” to help transition to be a full-time vegetarian since I am telling you all to step up your self-care game I am going to do the same and commit to “No Meat Mondays” again. Taking care of yourself is vital ladies and please remember to make this a routine because this is what will ultimately help it to become a preventative measure in your stress and anxiety. Tell me in the comments about your self-care routine and how it helps your day to day. If you don’t have one, comment and we can explore and create one for you.

Have a great rest of your week ladies, don’t allow anyone to steal your peace!

These are The Lovely Lessons,




  1. Love this! Practicing good self-care is so important. I used to think I was being selfish but not anymore. I need to take care of myself if I’m going to be around to take care of others.

    1. Hey Beth !It’s never selfish to take care of yourself, but that’s what some of us grew up learning. To put others emotional well being before our own so we have learned to only do the bare minimum for ourselves. Not anymore ! I’m glad you realized that. I came to the same realization!

    1. I’m so happy about that ! Sometimes we do need to be reminded right? I go through seasons where my self-care is on point and then life happens smh.

  2. Love this! I’ve recently started taking myself on dates. I’ve always taken time for myself and as an introvert I tend to be a loner but I felt it was time for me to start trying to incorporate things outside of the house as well. Self care is a must. It is so important for your overall health.

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