Millennials, It’s Ok if Corporate America Isn’t For You



For me, hearing the words Corporate America makes my stomach turn just a tad.

As a millennial, we are constantly told daily that our generation is not like the rest. That we are selfish and non-traditional; that instead of settling down we want to travel, and we want jobs that serve our purpose in life. Wait, did you really read that?  – We want jobs that serve our purpose in life. When you step back and look at the facts, is all of that so bad? Millennials know what they want and one of the main things that they want is freedom. Click To Tweet

I’m here to tell you, you won’t hear freedom and Corporate America in the same sentence often.

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Millennials Stop Doing These 5 Sabatoging Things on Your Entreprenurial Journey

Are these the reasons your business isn’t growing?


Self- sabotage is something that we millennials know all too well. We’ve sabotaged relationships, friendships, and so many good things because we’ve felt we don’t deserve them. Well, from one millennial to another I’m asking you….no I’m telling you. PLEASE don’t sabotage your chance at real freedom and success. You have worked way too hard for… Click To Tweet. No, the entrepreneurial route was not a place you saw yourself going, but the journey inevitably will be hard, let’s not make it harder. These 5 things will leave you unsuccessful, depressed, and basically a hot anxious mess. Trust me I KNOW.

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5 Reasons to Create a Self-Care Routine

Hey, ladies and possible gents! I apologize for not posting last week. These past two weeks have been an array of emotions and frustrations for me because as you know… life can have a brutal way of REALLY taking it there. The constant hindrances and fighting my own brain caused me to step my self-care game up to the max because I desperately needed relief and time to recollect.  I already have a self-care routine that usually keeps me refreshed and de-stressed (that rhymes ha) but sometimes it’s necessary to go above and beyond for yourself.

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